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United Technology Solutions offers a wide range of client services. We take pride in our company and ourselves by providing Exceptional Customer Oriented Support!


Our experienced staff works with the client to clearly define project objectives and develop timelines according to their needs. We will customize our service plan to meet each client's goals and provide in writing, initial project planning, installation, training and continued support.

Software Installation and Training

United Technology Solutions staff is available to install all software products. We also assist you in identifying inventory process tasks to incorporate into your daily routine, which allows you to improve efficiency and project outcomes. Hands-on training is customary with all on-site installation visits. Our staff stands ready to assist at all levels of implementation; from the immediate user to management oversight. Continued training is also available and includes new employee training or refresher courses for current users.

Side by Side Inventory

An expert from our staff in inventory process and procedures will come to your district to assist and train your personnel to manage and maintain your Fixed Asset Program. Assistance includes actual inventory in your schools, documented desk top procedures for future use, one year Telephone, E-mail and Online support for inventory process.

Physical Inventory

Our staff is available to conduct a total physical Inventory of your district. We will meet with key personnel to establish Fixed Asset Program Process and Procedures; Conduct the actual inventory; Barcode Assets as required; Review inventory results with key personnel, provide file to upload complete results to FAS Fixed Asset Modules that we interface with; documented inventory results will be provided within 30 days of inventory completion. Reconciliation and updating of inventory results against existing asset records is also available for an additional fee.


United Technology Solutions offers both on-site and off-site consulting services. Consulting services are useful in singling out new ways to streamline your existing processes or to develop solutions to new issues. This includes; identification of key objectives, requirements for process change and timelines for project completion.

Custom Programming

United Technology Solutions staff is available for custom programming to existing products, development of new solutions or conversion of data for incorporation into new software products. We stand ready to assist from start to finish.

Customized Warehousing

United Technology Solutions staff are available to design and set up customized warehousing to suit any district.

Support Services

Our support staff is the best and is committed to total customer satisfaction. We are available via the following methods:
  • Telephone: Monday - Friday 7:00 a.m. through 5:00 p.m. (MST) 1-877-945-3400
  • Email:  
  • Web Support Form at
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