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FAST II for Harris School Solutions interfaces with your SmartFusion or NextGen Fixed Asset Module.  Download a copy of your Fixed Asset Records to our database and scanners to inventory and/or reconcile assets.  Upload New and Changed Asset Data to SmartFusion.

Once installed FAST II for Harris School Solutions becomes a highly visible component of your organizational inventory management procedures. Operators quickly move from one location to another with scanners, scanning barcode equipment tags, discovering inventory discrepancies while out in the field, and creating up to date reports and/or spreadsheets of inventories by location.

Janam Handheld Scanner

  • Onsite Comparison & Reconciliation of SmartFusion/NextGen Fixed Assets and Scanned Records
  • Download SmartFusion/NextGen Fixed Asset Data to Palm Pilot
  • Correct/Update asset data onsite
  • Four scanner routines, Inventory, Add New Asset, Retag Existing Asset, Search by Serial Number
  • Lookup downloaded and scanned assets by Location, Room, Asset Number, Serial Number
  • Lookup assets by Reconciled Status, New, Missing, and Found
  • Lookup Missing Reconciled Assets by Asset Number, Serial Number and Room Number

PC Database

  • Upload Janam Handheld scanner data to FAST II for Harris School Solutions database
  • Reconcile Scanner Data against CSI Fixed Assets
  • View/Edit Reconcilation changes
  • Export Scanner and Reconciled Records to spreadsheets
  • Advanced Reporting capabilities with user defined criteria
  • Print barcoded reports of all code tables plus user defined top items for easy scanning

Scanner Benefits

  • Provides user the capability to reconcile and identify misplaced or missing items before leaving a room or site
  • Flag a record on the scanner for follow-up action
  • When an asset is scanned with a matching tag # the item information is displayed for immediate viewing/editing

FAST II for Harris School Solutions/NextGen

The FAST II for NextGen's asset tracking system rapidly pays for itself through the reduction of lost, misplaced or forgotten inventory. If you manage 1/2 million dollars worth of inventory, a mere 2% reduction in asset inventory "discrepancies" will provide your system payback. Most FAST II for NextGen users realize inventory discrepancy reductions well in excess of this figure.


  • Download copy of your Fixed Asset Master File from NextGen Fixed Asset Module to FAST II for Harris School Solutions/NextGen Database and Janam Handheld Scanner

Conduct Inventory

  • Compare scanned data with your NextGen Master File onsite – find out what is missing while you are still there!
  • Update asset data
  • Retag asset
  • Add new asset
  • Reconcile as many times as needed while onsite

Upload Complete and Correct Info to NextGen

  • Reduce man hours on inventory
  • Eliminates manual reconciliation
  • Complete inventory processes with single action
  • Reduction in lost, misplaced or forgotten inventory
  • Palm scanners support multiple users and programs
  • Reduce inventory costs - do it yourself